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Sounds from the floating world ~ cassette

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Hugo Rocci

Sounds from the floating world

Cassette ~ 30 minutes

incl: 3 colors riso printed booklet

50 numbered copies

1st edition in a red case: 2017 (red / yellow / blue)

2nd edition in a yellow case: 2018 (red / yellow / flat gold)

Sounds from the floating 
world is a blend of 
old chants, naive fire, 
and hectic jazz featuring 
native drums, nose flute, 
guitars, and whistles.

These exciting island rythyms 
and melodies will take you on
divergent paths following a fuse that,
once lit, will flash the sky red
with bashful rouge sunsets.

Let the waves lap you away
to a floating world.


Terry Bleu is an independent screen printing and publishing house based in between Amsterdam and Marseille by Hugo Rocci.